1. Don't share answers with other players! You should compete as an individual only, with no outside help.
2. Don't attack other players.
3. Don't attack the competition/scoring infrastructure. None of the challenges require privilege escalation or breaking out of sandboxes. However, if you do find a vulnerability in our infrastructure, please email - we will reward high-impact reports with bonus points in the CTF
4. No DDOS-ing, disabling access to challenges or removing flags. Give other competitors a fair chance!
5. Brute forcing on challenge sites (all domains *excluding* is allowed as long as it doesn't cause a Denial of Service to other players. HackTrinity{article_4a_subsection_c_paragraph_3_shall_not_apply_in_case_of_earthquakes} Be careful and rate-limit your scripts. Cloudflare may block your requests also.
6. The decision of the organisers is final.
7. If you have a query, email us:

Prizes & Eligibility

Sponsored by Learnupon:

1st Prize - €300 voucher

2nd Prize - €120 voucher

3rd Prize - €85 voucher

Sponsored by Reliaquest:

Top 20 Placing - Yubico U2F Security Key

1st, 2nd and 3rd & Top 20 prizes are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at TCD, LYIT, TUD (formerly ITB & DIT), UCD or UCC.

Sponsored by TCD School of Computer Science and Statistics:

SCSS Best First Year Student - €100 voucher

This prize will be awarded to the best-performing student who is in their first year of either ICS, CSL, CSB or MSISS courses in Trinity College Dublin.